How to Install TeamViewer On Ubuntu 15.04


TeamViewer is a free software available for linux like Operating system which allows us to take the remote control of linux box via Internet. In case if we don’t have the static IP on your Linux machine then teamviewer become very useful for troubleshooting point of view for taking remote control. In this post we […]

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Installation Steps of MediaWiki on Linux


Overview : Mediawiki is a free open source wiki software which is written in PHP and allows the visitors of your website to edit the pages and it also stores the version of history of editable pages in its database like MySQL or MariaDB. A wiki can be defined as Content Management System (CMS) or […]

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Linux grep command with 14 different examples


Overview : Linux like operating system provides a searching tool known as grep (global regular expression print). grep command is useful for searching the content of one more files based on the pattern. A pattern may be a single character, bunch of characters, single word or a sentence. When we execute the grep command with […]

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How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu 15.04


Adobe Flash player is important plugin that allows our web browsers to play multimedia contents like audio & videos streaming, flash based games and other rich media stuff. Adobe Flash player is supported by different web browsers like IE ( Internet Explorer) , Chrome, Firefox , Safari and Opera and can be installed on different […]

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