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Who We Are?

LinuxTechi is one of the leading blogs on the internet that offers the Linux community with all the latest news, trends, new distro launches, how-to-guides, tips and tricks, and other review articles.

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What kind of data we collect and why we collect?


Every information we collect is only used for improving the quality of the site and for providing the best possible experience for the users. When people leave suggestions, comments and feedback on our blog, we do collect the IP address, the browser agent and name of the visitor etc. We do this only for a reason for spam detection.

And the email address we collect is primarily used only to respond to our customer’s queries and feedback.


We don’t allow any users to upload any images in the comment section, and we strictly request the users from uploading image links or images with EXIF GPS data included. But the visitors can download any images for the website to use it for their educational purposes.

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When people wish to leave a comment or feedback on any articles on our site, they are willingly opting-in to store their email address and names in their system cookies. These are only used for auto-filling so that they don’t need to enter their details when adding a comment for future articles. And the cookies that get stored in the system will be saved for a maximum period of one year.

Embedded content from other websites

There is every possibility that our website articles might include images, articles, and videos embedded from other sites. These are solely provided to add more information to the article. And remember when you visit these contents from embedded websites, there is every chance that these websites may collect information about your website usage and can also track your internet activities as well.


Who we share your data with?

We can guarantee that we never share, trade or sell any kind of personal information to anyone. We have partnered with for downloading free eBooks and other resources, but we never share any information with them. It is with the user’s due diligence that they provide their email address to download any resources from their website.

How long we retain your data

When you either leave a comment or subscribe to our email subscription, we do store your comments on the site forever. This is mainly done to improve the quality of the website and to understand our user’s suggestions and feedbacks. We only store the following information including your name, email address, browser type, and IP address.

What rights you have over your data

If you have posted any comments on our website or subscribed to our email subscription service, you can place a request to get your information stored on our servers about you in a file. You can also place a request to delete any information regarding you. But this doesn’t hold applicable to any information we store for any administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Where we send your data

We only pass on your comments through a spam detection software to check if there are spam messages posted on our website.

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How we protect your data

All your data is safely stored in highly secured servers and at no point in time, we sell or trade any of our user’s personal information.

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Please contact us through email at [email protected] if you have any queries about our privacy policy.