Top 30 OpenStack Interview Questions and Answers

Now a days most of the firms are trying to migrate their IT infrastructure and Telco Infra into private cloud i.e OpenStack. If you planning to give interviews on Openstack admin profile, then below list of interview questions might help you to crack the interview. … Read more


40 Linux Interview Questions for Freshers Part-2

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Top 25 Linux Interview Questions and Answers

Q:1 What is Kdump and why it is required ? Ans: Kdump is a mechanism to capture crash dumps when the system crash or kernel panic occur. Crash dumps can be stored either on remote file system or on local file system.By analyzing the crash … Read more

20 Linux Virtualization Interview Questions and Answers

Q:1 What is Virtualization ? Ans: Virtualization is a technique for creating virtual resources (rather than the actual) such as server, storage device, network  and Operating system. Virtualization is dis-associating the tight bond between software and hardware. Q:2 What are the different types of  Virtualization … Read more

20 Postfix Interview Questions and Answers

Q:1 What is postfix and default port used for postfix ? Ans: Postfix is a open source MTA (Mail Transfer agent) which is used to route & deliver emails. Postfix is the alternate of widely used Sendmail MTA. Default port for postfix is 25.  Q:2 … Read more

BIND – DNS Server Interview Questions and Answers

Q:1 What does BIND Stands for ? Ans:  BIND stands for Berkeley Internet Name Domain. Q:2  What is DNS Server and its fundamentals ? Ans: The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, distributed database. It stores information for mapping Internet host names to IP … Read more