Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server (Bionic Beaver) Installation Guide with Screenshots

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  1. Slava says:


    I have burnt ubuntu 18.04 onto dvd. Insert DVD into my old desktop and it does not see any bootable file.

    In your article you say “Once the file is downloaded then burn it either into USB or DVD and make it Bootable” How do I make my dvd bootable then?

  2. Mick says:

    Use k3b tools>burn image

  3. Phaelan says:


    If I have a 500gb drive. Which partition does the lion’s share go to?
    / ?

    I’m not sure.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Hi Phaelan,

    Partitioning scheme totally depends on application / services that you are your planning to run inside the Ubuntu 18.04. Let’s suppose you have 500 GB disk space and want to run Apache / Nginx then you could create following partitions,

    / – 50 GB
    /boot – 1 GB
    /var – 300 GB
    /var/log – 50 GB
    /tmp – 10 GB
    /data – 50 GB
    Swap – Minimum of 4 GB

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