A Complete Guide to Manjaro 17.05 (GNOME Edition), its Features and Installation steps

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  1. Davis "Egghed" Payne says:

    I’m a longtime MS self-taught (mostly) IT tech and I’ve played with Ubuntu and Knoppix in the past, unfortunately, I have not had the time to sit down an learn much about it. I recently showed my 12 year old daughter the differences of OS’s, trying to explain how rooting an Android can be different and open up new opportunities, rather than just “jailbreaking” an iPhone. We got onto the subject of how PC’s are so much more open to doing more than Apple products, so I installed Manjaro and we geeked out and bonded together. It was awesome. I decided to mess around some more and play with reinstalling Manjaro my way and found this article which was very helpful, but it held me up on one little key part. Your screenshot says to install the bootloader on the HDD, and it kept failing on me over and over. And, although it was Christmas and I haven’t been getting much sleep, plus my attention has been split, it took me a little bit of rest to see that there was an option in the drop down for the /boot in there. That worked great. Just a thought to suggest to others if they run into that and have troubles. Thanks for this site for the help for a newb like myself, and my little blonde geek girl…who’s quickly surpassing my skill sets!

  2. shah says:

    man thanks a billion times. i was totally stuck here.

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