Top 10 Text Editors for Linux Desktop

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  1. Richard Steven Hack says:

    Left out jEdit – extremely powerful text editor/IDE with tons of plugins for utilities and languages. Only negative is it requires Java – which also means it runs on most OS that can run Java.

  2. Rick Stanley says:

    I find it interesting that emacs is listed last, and the only one that you show with no source code in the editor.

    Bias against emacs? ;^)

    BTW, Eclipse is not just an editor, but a full IDE, or Integrated Development Environment. Out of place if evaluating Linux text “Editors”, and not “IDE’s”!

  3. Dave Lane ([email protected]) says:

    Too bad Atom’s not included here… it’s similar to Brackets (although I prefer Atom)… And, is it worth noting that Sublime isn’t open source?

  4. DUONG Hiep says:

    tried all sublime, atom, bracket, picked VSCode. rather pick pico over nano

  5. Stas says:

    I highly recommend Codelobster: ‘’

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