AutoCAD Alternative Tools for Ubuntu and Linux Mint Users

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  1. Feda says:

    BricsCAD is a also an alternative if you are open to using closed source commercial software.

  2. Jeff says:

    Which of these is considered stable enough for use?

    • Sandeep says:

      Draftsight is probably the best one. I’ve found it very similar to AutoCAD – the interface, shortkeys and all. It’s stable, and doesn’t use much resources.

  3. Howard says:

    Neither BricsCAD nor Draftsight are open source.
    Draftsight can be obtained as a free beta version for Linux, and generally is very good with the ability to save to many versions of AutoCAD which can be useful. Currently only available as a 64 bit version, it suffered from issues with Mouse response at one time, but these are generally solved. Supported by one of the top CAD companies in the world I have used it extensively for a number of years
    BricsCAD has to be purchased for regular use, and is also a good alternate to AutoCAD and shares files without any problems.
    I have both on my Linux Mint installation and personally prefer DraftSight, mainly I think due to familiarity, but both are satisfactory alternatives for creating and saving .dwg files

  4. qunying says:

    QCAD should be mentioned also.

  5. Dan says:

    These CAD systems are all pretty low level stuff. I would recommend taking a look at OnShape. It’s a web based Solid Modeling tool. There are free user account options. It looks like a ProEngineer/Solidworks/Inventor/NX equivalent. I have an account, and it looks pretty good. I just haven’t had the time to really test it.

  6. Nick Patel says:

    With the help of Draftsight, you can easily get the alternative tools for the AutoCAD software, but it is only applicable for LINUX, and if you do not download the latest version, go with ‘’ to install or update the version.

  7. fudmier says:

    BrilCad and CAElinux are both excellent well documented cad programs that are both free. The USA army developed BrilCad and CAELINUX came from the Swiss.. but finding a repository for theses has become of late somewhat difficult.. Seems somebody is trying to keep these programs from reaching mainstream. BricsCad is not Brilcad.

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