AutoCAD Alternative Tools for Ubuntu and Linux Mint Users

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5 Responses

  1. Feda says:

    BricsCAD is a also an alternative if you are open to using closed source commercial software.

  2. Jeff says:

    Which of these is considered stable enough for use?

  3. Howard says:

    Neither BricsCAD nor Draftsight are open source.
    Draftsight can be obtained as a free beta version for Linux, and generally is very good with the ability to save to many versions of AutoCAD which can be useful. Currently only available as a 64 bit version, it suffered from issues with Mouse response at one time, but these are generally solved. Supported by one of the top CAD companies in the world I have used it extensively for a number of years
    BricsCAD has to be purchased for regular use, and is also a good alternate to AutoCAD and shares files without any problems.
    I have both on my Linux Mint installation and personally prefer DraftSight, mainly I think due to familiarity, but both are satisfactory alternatives for creating and saving .dwg files

  4. qunying says:

    QCAD should be mentioned also.

  5. Dan says:

    These CAD systems are all pretty low level stuff. I would recommend taking a look at OnShape. It’s a web based Solid Modeling tool. There are free user account options. It looks like a ProEngineer/Solidworks/Inventor/NX equivalent. I have an account, and it looks pretty good. I just haven’t had the time to really test it.

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