Fedora 25 Workstation Installation Guide with Screenshots

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  1. hector says:

    Found this useful. Thanks for sharing. Lastly, javascript is one word. 😉

  2. Ben Linus says:

    I installed Fedora 25 on two laptops as VirtualBox VMs. Just playing around. Both installed fine with the FullInstall version. But after updating both, one had a missing kernel error after reboot and would hang when Gnome started. Ctrl+Alt+F2 worked though. I deleted the VM and rebuilt a couple of times always same result.

    Eventually I tried using the NetInstall and that worked after the updates. Not sure why. But thought I’d share in case others have odd issues.

  3. Matthew Shireling says:

    My problem comes between steps 2 and 3. After I click on “Start Fedora-Workstation-Live 25” it takes me to a blank screen with only an underscore “_” in the top left corner. It never leaves this screen. Please help

  4. Kshitij Saraogi says:

    Hey, This tutorial looks great.
    Can you also add few details or references about installing Fedora alongside other OS ?
    In particular, I am trying to dual boot Fedora25 with Ubuntu 16.04 and having a hard time figuring out what would be the best way to install them.

  5. Mohamed says:

    Thanks for the info.
    I’ve installed it on a laptop dell inspiron 1525 as a default and only operating system.
    I did followed everything you mentioned but after last step when I restart it is displaying a black empty screen.
    Any idea why so?

  6. Dhruba says:

    How to run Pluma editor after I installed fedora 25 ? I can not find this ? how to add or install ? is it with fedora 25 disc ? Please help..

    • Try installing Pluma editor using dnf command from the terminal

      # dnf install pluma

      In case it is not available in the repositories, then try downloading from the url


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