Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) Desktop Installation Guide with Screenshots

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  1. MeneerWitte says:

    Yes, this is a different Ubuntu 17.10 version, I have those options.
    What about Save Mode when installing Third Party Software and Secure Boot & Password?
    Should it be set Password and then disabled or what?
    The feed doesn’t say what to do, should it be disabled before continue or will it be done by the installer?
    And when using third Party Software, I couldn’t login. the password to Decrypt can’t be typed, cursor is at the top of the screen. So, I want to reinstall, but what about that Save Mode?

  2. Swagman says:

    I can’t even access other drives when running a 17:10 live Cd. Not authorised , etc. Never had that issue before but… Gksudo nautlius and I can’t even find the other drives !
    If I can’t save out .Thunderbird & .Mozilla then the Live Cd is Completely useless. How in the heck could it be trusted to run without issue updated my 17:04 desktop if the Live CD wont even work as it should ?

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