Top 30 Linux System Admin Interview Questions & Answers

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  1. manish meshram says:

    I like your Linux interview questions you put some more question on this site

  2. praveen says:

    hi admin i will be much happy if you post some of real time roles and responsiblity of linux admin for freshers:-)
    in fact there is not doubt in your articles they are really helpful

  3. Hemant Singh says:

    Thanks for providing such type of collective tutorials

  4. LinuxPune Online Linux Training and placement says:

    Great !! Thanks admin for sharing the details

  5. lokesh karri says:

    Great..! If possible please post real time scenario based questions….,

  6. P.V.Satheesh says:

    Well Explained !!!

  7. Raghavendra says:

    Very Good and unique questions as like Real time…. Great Job!! keep doing

    — Raghavendra Gujjar

  8. anno says:

    Very good Linux Admin question.

    Really very good knowledge sharing.

  9. sreenu says:

    these question are very good but please add some more question

  10. stephane says:

    tanks very much for the linux questions.

  11. noor ahmed says:

    hi admin its really good to study this article please keep moving live this ..
    & please post real time scenario .. i have few questions to ask
    1.if we what to mount a directory permanently in # /etc/fstab at last what it means “defaults 0 0”
    2. if i want to kill 20 or 30 process id [PID] at a time? what would be the cmd ? is that possible to like that
    3. i have created a user ‘hare’ and i have added to vi /etc/sudoers for giving root privileges, now can i able to acess /root home directory?? i want to read /root/projetc file? and i have added the file to a group “hello” & added a “hare”user to that group

  12. Hi Ahmed ,

    Please find the answer of your queries below :

    1. Meaning of ‘defaults’ the fstab file : it will mount the file system with default mounting option like rw, suid, dev, exec, auto, nouser & async. First zero (0) after defaults is dump frequency ,if it is set to zero then the file system wouldn’t be dumped.
    Second Zero (0) after defaults shows fsck frequency , if it is set to 0 , then fsck will not check the file system for errors after corruption or improper shutdown.

    2. To kill a process of pid 20 or 30 , use the kill command like : # kill -9 20 ; kill -9 30

    3. To give root privileges to a user via sudoers , you need to add the user to group like sudo or wheel. After that user have to use sudo in front of every command to perform all the administrative task.

  13. surya says:

    hi sir.. very useful interview questions.. no site is providing topic-wise interview questions .. so if u can provide them topic wise it will be very helpful for all.

  14. shailendra says:

    I like your Linux interview questions..

    i have que.. if any one can help on this .

    1. i have schedule 1000 jobs at same time with cron, need to know if all will run at same time or they run one by one ..

    thanks you

  15. Anil says:

    good job …. really useful information

  16. Solomon says:

    Good stuff,

    Q11>>>Little error: the configuration file for NFS; /etc/exports not /etc/exportfs. the command to populate it is: exportfs

    Q19>>>chkconfig –list not chkconfig -list

    Overall: well presented. Keep sharing 🙂

    • Karn says:

      @Noor ahmed : there is no such single command to Kill 20-30 PID’s . You can either manually kill them or setup a small below..

      lets suppose you have PID’s to Kill with you:
      $ for i in `cat`;do kill $i;done


      or if you want to kill all the process related to a particular service , like have an example of ssh can do as below…

      $ pgrep sshd | while read p;do kill $p;done (it will kill all the process related to sshd in one go)

  17. nagaraju marella says:

    good questions and answers admin but we need more Real time questions.

  18. sandeep says:

    hai friends this is very useful interview quations

  19. Chandu says:

    What is the scope of linux admin ???

  20. Vignesh J says:

    Hello Admin,
    How to configure to shutdown the server immediately once the normal user login the server? Is there any possibility to configure it? share me steps if it’s possible. I got this question from an interview.

  21. Y SyamSundar says:

    Good Questions and answers
    it would be helpful if you mention the booting process also.

  22. Varsha says:

    Hi Pradeep.. Thank you so much for the questions. Very helpful 🙂

  23. vinod says:

    Nice information sir can u please add the more question like whats your daily activity and two major issue resolved by you,boot process related issue like if error in grub config file what message come,if issue with initrd file and kernel file then when error message come…..thanks for the information

  24. GAnesh says:

    Well question and answer if you possible plz can u add more question thank you so much

  25. laxmi says:

    hi admin
    very useful question and answers
    send me boot process details

  26. Mukesh maurya says:

    Very useful information sir, can you please send us VCS (Veritas Cluster Server) related question and answers, also add troubleshooting action on daily basis. it would be really great Thanks.

  27. Meenakshi Agarwal says:

    Nice set of questions. All of them are worth reading. I especially liked the ones covering the network and Puppet server part. Thanks.

  28. Shankar Baba says:


    I am really happy this post because i read before gave interview in MNC company same asked question .

  29. Tom Lobato says:

    Great, very useful, thanks.
    Just one thing about load average. This accounts also the processes in ‘uninterruptible sleep’ state.

  30. Vijay says:

    Good set of questions

  31. Sam Aghmiuni says:

    Awesome & Thanks,Its So Useful .

  32. Girish says:

    Hello all,

    Please help me in the below question,

    I have to set a cronjob which will run daily at 12AM, all input and output errors will redirect to /dev/null.

  33. Riya Shrama says:

    Thank you for these interview questions and answer….This is really very helpful ..Please provide interview question on AWS as I am preparing for interview. I used to prefer your blog since long time for keeping me updates..looking forward for new blogs..

  34. dinesh tulugu says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for your useful info.

    But ALB is Adaptive Load Balancer

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