Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop Installation Guide with Screenshots

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7 Responses

  1. Abbas Hussain says:

    Hi , its very good, may you please share its soft copy to down of this post or related. which can make it more when offline.

  2. Raghvendra says:

    I am getting partitioning error and ubuntu 18.04 is not getting installed

  3. Jamie Greene says:

    Grub fails to install using this method

  4. s3v3ran says:

    Could you please post how to do the same partitioning (the choice “something else”) with the use of LVM? Looks like the choice “Physical volume for LVM” is missing.

  5. Jashi says:

    My installa was crash
    Plz sir help

  6. Aneesh says:

    Thanks a lot. Really helpful.

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