Two Node Apache Web Server Clustering with Pacemaker on CentOS 7

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  1. Roan says:

    Hi, I followed your guide and it works well for the most part. However I was wondering how you can change the html content after you make a resource of it in pacemaker. Thanks.

  2. anonymous says:

    Hi, nice guide, but I have a small problem. I am totally followed your guide, but in the end, node 2 doesn’t have partition storage part1, how to fix this problem? hope somebody can help me.

    • Bruce Malaudzi says:

      Hi, Your question has much info to help troubleshot. Please provide info, such command out. For example:
      # lvdisplay /dev/sdb
      # lvs
      # blkid
      # ls -lh /dev/mapper

      • Bruce Malaudzi says:

        Sorry for the typos. I meant to say that please provide us with enough information as you have not provided adequate info in the initial question.

  3. Leandro says:

    Beautiful guide. But if I need to extend the disk dynamically I will not have it. Because the disk you are with fixed size and not in lvm how to solve this

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