Top 12 Open Source Backup Tools for Linux Systems

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  1. mikebartnz says:

    I have found Lucky backup quite good.

  2. Kevdog says:

    Was hoping borg backup would get a nod

  3. gerrit says:

    Thank You very much

  4. Genx Ster says:

    You forgot aptik ,dejavu backup ,time shift by teejeetech

  5. Diptanu says:

    G4l is a good one. .I use to copy individual partition of live system to a spare disk

  6. JimM says:

    I’ve used REDO Backup & Recovery on linux and windows.

    • dhani says:

      REDO is great but the project seems dead and no more update since few years ago.
      Is it still reliable to use Redo for today’s technology?

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