20 Linux System Admin Interview Questions For Beginners – Part 1

Pradeep Kumar

I am a huge fan of open source and love to share How To's tutorials on Linux, Cloud and DevOps. I have been working as Linux Consultant, Cloud & DevOps Engineer since 2010

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9 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Question 6, you answered “rount”, and I’m pretty sure you meant route.

  2. aravind says:

    Hi Matt,

    It’s really useful to interview candidate tanks…………

  3. ejaz sutar says:

    Hi Admin ,

    This lovely interview q & answer
    This good site

  4. Neelu says:

    Thank you Admin for sharing the Q& A for linux interview..

  5. shankar says:

    Thanku you it’s very good.

  6. vinothkumar says:

    it’s very helpful for fresher

  7. Dattatray Mozar says:

    Thank you Admin for sharing the Question & Answer for linux interview.. and need to update in-case wrong answer to correct.

  8. Tejas Raval says:

    Very nice.Thank you.

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