20 Linux System Admin Interview Questions For Beginners – Part 1

In this tutorial we will discuss most frequently asked linux system admin interview questions for Beginners. Below are the list of L1 level Linux interview questions..

Q:1 How To check the uptime of a Linux Server ?

Ans: Using uptime command we can determine how long a linux box has been running , also uptime can be viewed by the top & w command.

Q:2 How to check which Redhat version is installed on Server ?

Ans: Use the command cat /etc/redhat-release , output of this command will tell you the redhat version.

Q:3 How to install rpm packages in Redhat & CentOS linux ?

Ans: rpm and yum command are used to install packages in redhat linux and CentOS.

Q:4 How to check the ip address of LAN Card ?

Ans: Using ‘ifconfig’ & ‘ip address’ command we can determine the ip address of LAN Card.

Q:5 How to determine the hostname of a linux box ?

Ans: On typing the hostname command on terminal we can determine the hostname of a linux server.

Q:6 How To check the default gatway ?

Ans: Using ‘route -n’ command we can determine the default gateway in linux.

Q:7 Which Command is used to check the kernel Version ?

Ans: ‘uname -r’

Q:8 How to check the current runlevel of a linux box ?

Ans : ‘who -r’ and ‘runlevel’ , both of these command are used to find current run level.

Q:9 What is Initrd ?

Ans: Initrd stands for initial ram disk , which contains the temporary root filesystem and neccessary modules which helps in mounting the real root filesystem in read mode only.

Q:10 What is Bootloader ?

Ans: Bootloader is a program that boots the operating system and decides from which kernel OS will boot.

Q:11 How to list hidden files from the command line ?

Ans: ‘ls -a’ <Folder_Name>

Q:12 What is soft link ?

Ans: Soft link is a method to create short cuts in linux. It is similar to windows short cut feature.

Q:13 How to create a blank file in linux from command line ?

Ans: Using the command ‘touch <file-name>’

Q:14 What is run level 2 ?

Ans: Run level 2 is the multi-user mode without networking.

Q:15 Why linux is called OpenSource ?

Ans: Because One can customize the existing code and can redistribute it.

Q:16 How to check all the installed Kernel modules ?

Ans: Using the Command ‘lsmod’ we can see the installed kernel modules.

Q:17 What is the default uid & gid of root user ?

Ans: Default uid & gid of root user is 0.

Q:18 How To change the password of user from the Command Line ?

Ans: ‘passwd <User-Name>’

Q:19 What is a Process ?

Ans: Any program in execution is called a process.

Q:20 What is name of first process in linux ?

Ans: ‘init’ is the first process in linux which is started by kernel and whose pid is 1.

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