Linux Lite 3.6 Desktop Installation Guide with Screenshots

We’ve already reviewed the Linux Lite 3.6 distro some time back and even concluded that it is an excellent distro for any beginner to start with linux and then stay on forever. With a lot of wow factors in that distro, Linux Lite has come up with a more enhanced version in Linux Lite 3.6. And with the 3.6 release, Linux Lite has introduced some major changes since the release of 3.4. Let’s look at all the changes and also a step by step installation guide to install Linux Lite 3.6 in your system.

Linux Lite 3.6 Changes and New Features

One of the major new feature introduced with Linux Lite 3.6 is the Lite Sources. It is basically a feature for you to select the nearest repository to your location in a quick manner. This means that whenever you download anything, your nearest repository will selected quickly enabling faster downloads. Lite sources can be found in the Settings menu.

The second great addition in Linux Lite 3.6 is the inclusion of online and offline search engine feature for Help manual. Once you start your search, the search results listed below will have the keywords highlighted to enable you to locate the help content easily and quickly. Another feature welcomed by many users is the addition of Arch theme for Mozilla thunderbird.

Other Changes:

  • Better Bluray support
  • Arch theme added for Mozilla thunderbird
  • Enhanced Broadcom wireless support
  • Minor GUI changes as well as code changes has been made in Lite Upgrade
  • Minor GUI changes has been made in Lite Welcome
  • New wallpapers has been added

Minimum system requirements for Linux Lite 3.6 are listed below:

  • 1.5GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Free Hard disk space
  • Installation Media USB stick or DVD

Step by Step Installation Guide

Please follow the steps provided below to install Linux Lite 3.6 in your system

Step: 1) Download the ISO File and create either a bootable DVD or USB stick from the ISO. You have releases for both 32 bit and 64 bit hardware.

Step: 2) Change the Boot Settings in your computer to set the boot order to CD/DVD/USB

Step: 3) Insert the DVD/USB Stick containing the downloaded 3.6 ISO in your computer

Step: 4) Reboot your computer to see the welcome screen of Linux Lite

Step: 5) Click on “Start Linux Lite” to boot the live session


Booting process starts and no need for any user/password for the live session

Step: 6) Installation should be ready, now click on “Install Linux Lite” icon on your desktop


Step: 7) The Linux Lite 3.6 installer window will open and it is time for you to select the preferred language


Step: 8) Preparing to Install Linux


In the next step you’ll be presented with a window asking whether you need to “download updates while installing linux” and “Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, Flash, MP3 and other media

Generally it is not recommended to download any updates during the installation process as it would slow down the process. The next option allows you to install third party software including codecs for your media players, drivers for your hardware etc. It is better not to check anything and click “Continue”

Step: 9) Choose Installation Type

Now it’s time to choose the type of installation you need and there will be several options provided which is discussed in detail below:

Install Linux alongside: If you want to install Linux Lite 3.6 alongside Windows or another Linux based OS, you can choose this option,(This option will only be visible if Windows OS is already installed on your system)


Erase Disk and Install Linux: Once you select this option, the installer choose the default partitioning scheme


It is better not to choose the next two options (‘Encrypt the new Linux installation for security‘ and “Use LVM with the new Linux installatio1n“) unless you are an advanced user.

Something Else” is also only for advanced users as it allows you create your own partition or resize the partitions or even choose multiple partitions to install Linux. Better leave it as it is.

Once you either select “Install Linux alongside” or “Erase Disk and Install Linux” option, you would be asked to select the drive to install and you are also allowed to allocate space for both the OS in your computer


Click on Continue to write changes to Linux Lite Disk

Step: 10) Choose Your Location

It is time to provide some details about yourself and in this screen “Where are you” select your time zone, if it not selected automatically.


Step: 11) Choose Your Keyboard Layout

It is recommended to leave default keyboard layout based on your location, click on continue to proceed further…


Step: 12) Provide your Personal Details

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your personal details including your name, Your Computers Name, Choose a username, Password and Confirm Password


Click on continue to start the Installation

Step: 13) At this step Linux Lite Installation has started & is in progress

Next screen is the welcome screen with a slideshow showcasing all the new features in Linux Lite 3.6


You can also see the installation is working in the background and once the installation is done, you’ll be asked to restart your computer


Step: 14) Linux Lite 3.6 Login Screen after reboot

After restarting your computer, you could see the Linux Lite 3.6 login screen and enter the username and password provided during the installation process and login to Linux Lite 3.6



On successful login, you can see “Welcome to Linux Lite 3.6” window and you will have options to install the updates, install drivers etc. Read through the help manual to understand more about the features of Linux Lite 3.6.

And that’s it!!! We’ve successfully completed the installation of Linux Lite 3.6 on your computer. Do feel free to send us all your queries and suggestions on this article about Linux Lite 3.6 and a step by step installation guide and we would be happy to revert back with all the answers as soon as possible. Also, please post your comments about this article in the comments section below. Thank You!!!

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  1. This installation of version 3.8 is taking *forever*! Almost an hour so far and it’s still on the install welcome screen. All I’ve done up to now is select the language (English) and clicked continue. And the install Dvd is merrily chuntering away. Yesterday I installed Lubuntu on the same hardware and it finished in about 30 minutes.

  2. 10 minutes later and the next screen “Preparing to install Linux” has appeared. Mouse unresponsive, then responsive, then unresponsive again. Still waiting for the continue button to become live in order to click it. I’m not liking LL much yet…

  3. When do you change from UEFI to Legacy and disable Secure Boot? Before installation or after? Can’t seem to find any clear instructions for this. Reply appriciated.

    • Changing boot sequence, changing to Legacy mode, and disabling Secure Boot ALL must be done before running the installation.

  4. Can anyone explain why I do not get the option to install alongside of Windows 10? I get either erase disc and install, Encrypt, and Something Else. Just these three options. How do I install for duel boot?
    I have tried the Something Else three times with C drive unchanged and with pre-partitioning (done from Windows OS before changing to Legacy and making USB first boot choice )to dedicate space for Linux, and every time when I hit Install I get a pop up that says “No root file system defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu.”
    No, I am not even close to an advanced user, but Something Else was my only option to do a dual install. I have no clue what the pop up message is even hinting at despite spending most of yesterday doing searches on Google based on that message and reading all sorts of posts way over my PC dinosaur head.
    So, Linux Lite is not the user friendly OS it has been promoted to be then?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  5. Does anyone here have any idea why I have no option to boot alongside Windows 10 in my Linux Lite 3.8 installation? Spent the last two days trying to install this via USB with nothing but brick walls at every turn. I did the Win 10 defrag, pre-partitioned free space on the HDD for Linux, un-did the free space partition as well (using Mini Tool Partition Wizard from Windows 10 prior to attempting the Linux Lite install), Googled every topic I could find about Linux Lite install problems, yet every time I try to install (yes, I switched to Legacy first and arranged boot sequence to boot from USB first and made sure Safe Boot was unabled) , forced to use the Something Else option as the only recourse for a dual boot, after selecting the space to install Linux Lite on in the partition menu, I get ” No root file system is defined please correct this from the partitioning menu”. No, I am not an advanced user and I have no clue what this message even means. Every site I found this topic on went into solutions that involved opening terminals and entering codes and things way above my PC dinosaur noggin. None of the Linux Lite Installation Guides I’ve seen (including this one) mirrors what I’m seeing in my live session, despite having downloaded Linux Lite ISO from three different sources. So, any clue what I’m doing wrong, aside from trying to install this OS in the first place? Any help is greatly appreciated. Should I just stick with Windows 10 and forget Linux altogether?

  6. This article is very useful to me. I learn all the technic to guide screenshots installation with the Linux lite.

  7. Linux Lite is the lighter version of the Linux and basically used for direct loading from the Pendrive. I have tried it once but it’s not stable so I prefer to use the full version.

  8. The Linux lite installation technique you are discussing is so good to see. Whenever you are going to the process it really looks so easy. Because whenever a new user of Linux going to install Linux then they must go through this article once for the installation process.

  9. This is very nicely elaborated that how to Linux Lite 3.6 desktop install. And you find it very easy for the screenshots and quick methods > As I am using it for my project so I found it very required.


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