How to Install qBittorrent on Zorin OS

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  1. Miguel Mayol i Tur says:

    It is considered better for all their options but the most important is an integrated search tool

  2. Eddie G. says:

    Since I’m not a huge torrent fan, this would just be added “weight” to my system, but I’m sure there are those whom this will become their main go-to torrent downloading app. I think this is the true beauty of Linux as you can install / remove the things you want, and not have to worry about being locked into using a specific software of application. I can use LibreOffice, or Calligra, I can use FireFox or Midori for web browsing, I can use gEdit, or Leafpad as a text editor, and I can decide to use either Geany or Thunderbird to manage my email messages, yeah….you don’t get this kind of freedom in other OS’es

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