Fedora 30 Workstation Installation Guide with Screenshots

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  1. mack darwinian says:

    I used a live DVD to install Fedora 30 on my free drive 262 Gig. Went thru all the stops and rebooted and nothing Still have windows, no boot manager, no linux.

  2. Mister Itchy says:

    Nowhere during the installation of Fedora 30 did it ask me about creating an administrator account. I find that, once installed, I can’t do sudo commands and don’t have rights to access the sudoers file. What am I missing?

  3. MIKE says:

    Hi Mister Ricky.

    Just change the root password and then su will work. To do this just type “sudo passwd root” follow the prompts and it will let you change the password. Once this is done, then you use su like normal.

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