Create and Extend XFS filesystem based on LVM

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  1. Dev says:


    Can you explain the full steps for reduce lvm in RHEL 7.

  2. Suresh says:

    One of the limitation of XFS is that we can not shrink or reduce this file system. On XFS file system

  3. ImranK says:

    hello, could we format the XFS filesystem with a block size 4096 and sector size 512 ? how could we do it ? and then add the entry in /etc/fstab file. could you pls show us the steps.

  4. Shock says:

    what does -r option in lvmextend using for?

  5. sonaligautam says:


    i have one query when we extend xfs file we use xfs_growfs command , may i know when we reduce xfs file-system which command use, like in ext3 we use resize2fs for both reduce /extend.

  6. Nanda says:

    what do you mean by xfs not based on lvm?? is there any chance that we can grow a non lvm partition??

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