How to Connect Windows machine with RDP from CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 Console

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  1. Nairb Rotsak says:

    Just a little help.. -XY can help even more. The -Y is compression. Many times I use both -X and -Y because with just -X, as an example, running virt-manager on my KVM host seems to lag. Nice article!

  2. Smallpk says:

    Case not run because of XDISPLAY execute this action:

    1 – yum install -y xauth
    2 – yum install -y firefox

    exit terminal

    login with this command: ssh -X @ or ssh -Y @
    When access the terminal as user, see that a output with this information: /usr/bin/xauth: file /home/sm/.Xauthority does not exist
    When this information is see then now the file: /home/sm/.Xauthority is created, but is necessary that u do logout and login.

    Exit again and login with same command last informed.

    Ok now u running command in this blog

  3. Surapaneni SriSai Sasank says:

    Thanks man

  4. Mustafa Ahmadi says:

    Thank you so much

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