Install & Configure Apache Subversion (SVN) on CentOS 7

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  1. jdros says:

    Nice article with well-explained procedure. BUT.
    The real tricky part for the source-control tools is the authentication. Especially if/when you want to open-up your server to the public.

    Obviously you (really) need to avoid storing your password unencrypted!

    The latest trend is to use SSH-keys instead of username/password. Is it possible with SVN?

  2. Josef Chmel says:

    Directive Alias /svn /var/www/svn causes “svn: E195019: Redirect cycle detected for URL ‘http://….” error and you are unable to do checkout for example! Problem detected on Centos 7 , Server version: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS), svn version 1.7.14

    # vi /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/10-subversion.conf
    Alias /svn /var/www/svn

    Commenting out # Alias /svn /home/testsvn solves this problem – after a few hours of googling and pounding my head against the wall.

  3. David says:

    Thank you Josef !! You save me for a lot of time !!

  4. Bernat says:

    Hello, I am following the tutorial and I think I’ve got it all right. But now I do not interpret php files, if I agree to index.php is downloaded to my computer, it seems that does not recognize the php, but if I access the HTML if it looks good.
    Do you know if I have to set something else to see the php?
    Thank you !!

  5. iis says:

    very nice tutorial but only one thing is in step 8 when i try to import i am getting a error E205000:Invalid URL…. please help me

    • Pradeep Kumar says:

      Can you give me the full command which you are trying to run to import sample project. In my Case i am using file

  6. Harvey says:

    The result of: svn import -m “First SVN Repo” /mnt/linuxproject
    svn import -m “First SVN Repo” –username MYUSER–password MYPASSWORD /mnt/linuxproject
    results in this console output:
    svn: E205000: Try ‘svn help’ for more info
    svn: E205000: Invalid URL ‘/mnt/linuxproject’

    • Harvey says:

      sorry for copy and paste error… the -username and -password really are two hyphens, not a long dash.

    • Harvey says:

      Never mind. I figured out the problem. It works when we append the URL of the server, for example:
      #svn import -m “First SVN Repo” –username MYUSER –password MYPASSWORD /mnt/linuxproject ‘http://MYSERVER/svn/repo’
      (above should show hyphen hyphen before username and password switches; if it shows long dash, it really should be hyphen hyphen)

    • Harvey says:

      svn import is giving me this error:
      svn: E175011: Repository moved permanently to ‘http://MYSERVER/svn/repo’; please relocate

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