Use Fedora 23 Cloud image in Red Hat OpenStack

Fedora 23 Cloud images are available for download. In this post will use fedora 23 cloud image and will launch it from dashboard(Horizon). I am assuming that OpenStack is already up and running.

Step:1 Download the Fedora 23 Cloud image from terminal.

[root@desktop18 ~]# wget

Step:2 Upload the Image from Dashboard.

Login to the dashboard. In my case i am using “Robert” as a User with admin privileges.


Go to Project Tab and select Images option and then Click on create Image,


Specify the Image Name, description and image source (image file) & image Type


Click on create Image.


As we can see image is created.

Step:3 Launch Instance of Fedora 23

From the Dashboard go to Instance option from the Project Tab. Click on “Launch Instance


Define the Instance Name, Instance Boot source ( Boot image) and Image Name.


Select the appropriate Security Group and Networking for the instance and then click on Launch.



Step:4 Associate Floating or Public ip to the instance.

Once the floating ip is associated with instance then we can access the instance from outside.


Click on “Associate Floating IP


Step:5 Access the Fedora 23 instance

As we know that we don’t know user’s or root password of cloud images. So we will be accessing it using keys. In my case i have already generate the keys with name “fedora-ssh-keys”. Also we need to make sure that permissions of keys should be “600”.


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