Ubuntu 15.10 Desktop Installation Guide

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  1. Don says:

    Thanks. I found this useful in achieving a working installation.

  2. Antonio Beethoven M Cabral says:

    Hi ! I have Windows 10 installed on my PC. I installed Ubuntu 15.10, but, when I did reboot, Windows 10 entered as if it was alone on the computer (grub menu wasn’t displayed). To install, I did exactly as said here, except “Require my password to log in”. Instead of it, I used “Log in automatically”. Also, I didn’t specify the /var partition (only /, /home and swap) Please, what I missed ? Thanks in advance !

    • Hi Antonio ,

      It seems that timeout value in the grub boot loader is 5 seconds, in that time if you don’t select the OS , it will boot the default operating system.

      When the system reboots press any up and down key , it will stop at boot loader and from there you can select the OS you want to boot.

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