Top 8 Music Player for Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Pradeep Kumar

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6 Responses

  1. Mister Goldiloxx says:

    I use VLC for video, Clementine for audio, and for audiobooks I use SMPlayer because it has an automatic bookmarking feature, so if I’m listening to a 20 hour audiobook and close the player it starts right back where I was when I run the program again.

  2. Richard says:

    Paired with StreamTuner2, Audacious can indeed play streaming audio from various internet stations.

  3. Levi says:

    What about Amarok?

  4. eloy says:

    Banshee is long time dead, Quod Libet is better example. Developlement is live, product is modern and more over it doesn’t have any problems with handing thousands of music files.

  5. LinuxHostSupport says:

    I use VLC for everything. VLC player has an easy to use interface and it can play all media formats.

  6. MightyMoo says:

    I’ve played online music stations with Audacious. It’s quite easy really.

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