notepadqq – Notepad++ for Ubuntu Linux

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  1. Alec Teal says:

    You can just run it in Wine, the ONLY problem is if a file is modified while open, it freezes. This is rare IME. I reported it years ago, so maybe just remind them of that bug.

    (I can imagine it wasn’t easy to port, so it’s likely to be missing features)

  2. joe Mamma says:

    Too bad this only works in Ubuntu and not in Linux.

  3. dhfx says:

    I have it installed on Ubuntu 14.04, and whenever I open it I get the complaint about not having the latest Qt (5.2.1 instead of 5.3). Is there a config file somewhere? I tried looking at an Octave .m file with tabs replaced by spaces, but Notepadqq thinks it’s Objective C. How can I set the syntax on .m files for Octave? Also, whenever I open the file, Notepadqq asks me if I want to change my default tabs/spaces setting to spaces. Can I set this up once-and-for-all?

  4. dhfx says:

    I’m running Notepadqq in Ubuntu 14.04 with Qt 5.2.1 instead of 5.3 or higher. Is that the reason I don’t see the menu bar at the top?

    • donnek says:

      If you’re not running Unity, you need to uninstall appmenu-qt5 to have the menu show on many (all?) Python programs – there’s a bug in it.

  5. Fyzaks says:

    Run Python files in Notepadqq.
    FYI, I’ve just been setting ‘qq up. If you’re editing python files you can run them using the Run menu option. Add to ‘Run’…

    /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator –no-close -e /usr/bin/python3 %path%

    This opens a terminal. The ‘-e’ flag is for execute. Then the path to your python. %path% is a ‘qq’ variable for the path to the current active file.

  6. Peter Vazquez says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get the ‘compare plugin’ to work?

  7. vineeta Boora says:

    i follow abovee steps .and i successfully intalled notepadqq but after that i am trying to open notepadqq editor but i can’t.

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