10 useful ncat (nc) Command Examples for Linux Systems

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  1. Daniel says:

    Worked like a charm

  2. Tomas says:

    At example 3 you use say that it’s for connecting to UDP ports yet you use the “-l” switch which is for listening to incoming connections, and not for connecting to UDP. You may want to fix that.

    One of the best real-life usages of netcat is to send application logs to a remote syslog server via UDP.

  3. rino19ny says:

    cool. but is there a way to secure ncat on servers short of disabling them?

  4. Rudra says:

    what is the best way to test if my udp port working using ncat? I have service running on the server with port 10000 using UDP. And I want to test if I can access that service before I start using that.

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