8 thoughts on “Lock and Unlock User Account After Failed SSH Logins”

  1. Thank you Pradeep, great article, but I believe “even_deny_root root_unlock_time=600” is not a new line but the continuation of the previous (additional parameters). Maybe that’s what you meant, but it is not very clear.

    • Hi Oriol,

      It would be in the same line. By doing so , we are implementing the same rule even for root user.

  2. i am using rhel 8.8.
    i am able to get users locked out after 3 unsuccessful login attempts using “su – kav”.
    but ssh is not getting user locked out.
    ssh [email protected]

    I am using AuthSelect to manage system-auth/password-auth. Also using corresponding files in /etc/security/pwquality.conf + pwhistory + faillock.conf.


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