Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon Installation Guide with Screenshots

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  1. kapil says:

    is linux mint 17 compatible with intel core i3-2330 @ 2.20GHz??

  2. kmale says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. However, I followed this to make a permanent (non-live) Linux on an external hard drive. When I tried to boot off the hard drive, the options for volumes to boot from are Macintosh OS (I’m using an imac), Windows (the newly created USB), and EFI boot (the live USB that I installed from). If I choose Windows anyway, it doesn’t work and just goes to a black screen with a cursor. Do you know if I am doing something wrong?
    Thank you.

  3. tzesku says:

    kmale , u are really doing something very wrong NEW OS s dont like been stick onto external drives – as far as I can tell u I never been able to install and boot into Windows 7 and 8 from an external drive – IF u wanna dual boot u need u re systems on the main HDD u have in the computer , making them boot from external storage is a pain in the b^^^ and as far as I know with Windows 8 … it will never be done – BUT yea if u re windows is XP … then problem is somewhere else .

  4. pankaj says:

    pls send me mint4win set up file @ my mail [email protected]

  5. Dimitri says:

    I tried to install Mint 17.2 in keeping alongside the existing windows 8. You write it is possible to choose the type of installation in which the installer will use the free space available on other partitions to create new ones for Linux Mint. But this option is not offered even on your screenshots. Either erase the whole disk or create partitions manually. I do not know how to do it manually; I guess if I start subdividing my big and unique available partition, which is ntfs, into smaller ones of types ntfs, efi, ext4, swap, then the initial big ntfs partition will be reformatted and the windows installation will be erased with all its files. The question is whether it is nonetheless possible to install Mint in keeping windows and how to do it. Should I repartition the disk before launching installer and how can I do this. Is it possible to resize an existing ntfs partition without erasing it and create new partitions on the freed space?

  6. dario says:

    Hi, quick question, will the first installation option (to erase disk) actually erase both my existing partitions or only the one that holds the windows? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Dario ,

      It will erase all the partitions and will create a fresh new partition table for Linux mint. If you want to keep any partition as it is , then choose the something else option and create customize partition scheme.

  7. Sean says:

    I would really like to divorce from MicroSloth and thier Windoze…. The attempts to control the way I use a computer, wanting to cash in on program use, taking features away and making changes to what were good programs with each release, not to mention the service packs are not a good sign for MS.
    HOWEVER… I have down loaded Linux Cinimmon 32 vers.. 17.1, 17.2, 17.3 and have made a install disk of each one. I have attempted to install each version on my XP Net Vista computer but it seems to fail after the install. I get the system screen then a few seconds later, I get a message that says that the program has shut down and I am running in Fall Back Mode.
    I did try to run from the install disk, with a similar result, the program shut down and Fall back mode started.
    So, what is wrong?
    What is fall back mode?
    Is Linux Cinemmon computer specific?
    I am very happy wih my XP but MS is slowly making it incompatible with todays computer world and the new op systems have evolved and changed and MS has removed features that I find important.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  8. Manfred says:

    I am running Windows 10 on a 500GB drive. I created a partition of GB for Mint. When I boot Mint from the USB and try to install in on the HDD as shown above, it does not see the logical partitions, only the total drive. Arrgg!

  9. saikat das says:

    can i unstall linux mint if once i install in my computer. please help me about this…….
    also i am tring to install ubantu but failed …. so please help me using anything please…
    is mint will be better than windows 7 also can i install windows’s some product and run on it
    also dose it run vertual box to run other os vertually…..

  10. Sreeragh says:

    I pressed continue in step 3.
    Mouse pointer indicates loading..
    I waited for hours..
    Step 4 is not coming.

  11. Sreeragh says:

    Solved, I had already installed Linux mint.. that partition was corrupted.

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