Katello – Download Yum Repositories and Register clients for patching

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  1. Tomas says:

    Any chance you have you got to the stage where Puppet does the provisioning, so that you don’t have to repeat registration steps above on each new server? That would be truly helpful.

    • papseddy says:

      Hi Tomas,

      Yes you can play with provision templates under configure. You can modify provision templates according to your need. Once you make changes in templates then you can assign that template to particular organization and locations. Templates contain all provisioning information which also include pre & post installation scripts.

      I recommend do not change any thing on existing template create your own or clone template (backup purpose). 😛

  2. Bogdan says:

    Man this is amazing. Great Job.

  3. jordi says:

    great job. thanks

  4. Rman says:

    Great Instructions Pradeep Kumar!!!!! Awesome! It worked so well! Thank you!

  5. Gallardo says:

    Hi all ,

    I have a little prob for subscribe with the redhat manifest.
    info: I have uploaded the files into katello but the repositories into redhat provider are blank :/.

    Do you help me please ?



    • Hi,

      Please check whether subscriptions are attached to your manifests from Red Hat Account. In Case you are not sure then you can ask Red Hat technical team to create / update manifests for you on the basis of your subscription.

      Once they are done with changes then try refreshing the manifests from your Katello Dashboard. Also make sure your katello server should reach to Red Hat CDN.

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