How to Install VLC 3 (Media Player) on Debian 9 / Ubuntu 16.04 / 17.10

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  1. Marcus says:

    Snaps are absolute garbage! They don’t integrate into the system, and they make awful additional mounts, and they take a long time to start, and they keep eating up your free space, and they don’t use your existing settings, and they are just a really, really horribly implemented bad idea.

    How about assisting people to install vlc 3 *properly* instead?

    (Also, you need to use the –classic switch or it can’t access things like your external drives. But that won’t fix the million other problems with the snaps abomination.)

  2. Marcus says:

    This is how I installed vlc 3, using the official bionic repo:

    Add file ‘/etc/apt/preferences.d/bionic’ with:
    Package: *
    Pin: release a=bionic
    Pin-Priority: 10

    Add this line to ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’:
    deb bionic main restricted universe multiverse

    Then upgrade ‘vlc’ manually.
    There’s probably a much better way to do this (perhaps by pinning the vlc package to a version >=3), but at least this is much better than those awful snaps.

    • Thorsten says:

      How did you manage that? It did not work on my system due to massive dependency problems – starting with libc6, wich has to be >=2.27, while xenial (16.04) comes with 2.23. And upgrading libc6 without upgrading the whole system is nearly impossible without breaking other stuff.

      • Pradeep Kumar says:

        Hi Thorsten,

        Try to set bionic repo as stated by Marcus then use use “apt-update” & “apt-get install vlc”

        • Thorsten Müller says:

          That is of course exactly what I did. Problem is that the vlc 3.0 bionic build depends on lots of stuff with higher version numbers than there are in 16.04 xenial and I don’t want to do to a release upgrade at this point.

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