How To Install & use Putty in Ubuntu Linux

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  1. RoseHosting says:

    Nice post. But why would you need to install putty, it’s just a frontend for ssh. It’s much easier to use ssh from the command line.

    • Keith says:

      Hi. Putty is more than just ssh. A good use is to use the serial option to “console in” to cisco devices. It also has a great Rlogin option.

      • Cristian says:

        wondering if anyone can help. I am completely new at Ubuntu. Currently running Zorin Core and I’m trying to connect my cisco lab to my PC using puTTy using a Serial connection. Now when I select “Serial” , the “serial line” tab is automatically filled out: /dev/ttyS0.
        I hit open and get an error saying : Unable to open connection to :
        Unable to open serial port.
        What is it I need to do to make make that serial connection communicate with my client on the PC? Appreciate any help I can get.

  2. Tony Q. King says:

    How does one do a paste from the clipboard in Putty?
    Ctrl-V and Ctrl-Shift-V do not work.
    The Windows version of Putty has no problems with this.

  3. Muhammad Kamran says:

    That was the site fruitfull for me;-) I have easily installed putty on ubuntu 14 (32bit)

  4. jp says:

    ubuntu putty doesn’t allow ctrl+v because linux terminals don’t
    Press Ctrl and right click in your putty ui => Copy All

  5. NEKO BLACK says:

    in ubuntu with CTRL+shift +V

  6. Nadun says:

    Ubuntu Putty do not want to say to one Termianl Type

    ssh [email protected]

    For example – ssh [email protected]

  7. Magan abdi says:

    I can’t see My newly installed E1/T1 on wired network adapters on Ubuntu, but I can see it when hwinfo -short command issued, sorry i am new to linux/unix op systems, please help i need to give an ip address.

  8. Emmanuel Gordon says:

    Thanks. It worked.

  9. Muqorobin says:

    I am using ubuntu 16.04, but Can not login using putty. If I am using terminal, I can login normally. Do you have experience like that?

  10. Martin says:

    You can paste in to putty by connecting a mouse with a wheel by putting the curser in putty and press once on the wheel and it has now pasted.

  11. Johnny P. says:

    Exist the possibility to have and GUI (like TeamViewer) and also to use Putty in the same time ? I also have possibility to open in the same time more connection (to connect in the same time on a master PC and slave PC for example) ?
    Your answer is very important for me, because I installed Ubuntu 17.10 on 2 PC’s, and I use on-board video graphic card and from this reason doesn’t allow me to use TeamViewer and I search more safety and lighter possibility to have remote control on both PC’s.

    Thanks in advance for support and advice.

  12. Ken Hill says:

    I am having problems using PuTTY on Ubuntu OS. I wish to use the device /dev/ttyUSB0 in a session. I am getting a fatal error with the statements
    Unable to open connection to:
    Unable to open serial port:

  1. July 14, 2014

    […] PuTTY is the most popular Windows SSH client. It supports flexible terminal setup, mid-session reconfiguration using Ctrl-rightclick, multiple X11 authentication protocols, and various other interesting things not provided by ssh in an xterm. …Read More […]

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