Install PAC Manager on Linux Mint, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE

PAC (Perl Auto Connector) Manager is a open source tool in Linux like operating system, which provides GUI (graphical user interface) to manage ssh,telnet, sftp, rdesktop, vnc,remote-tty & ftp sessions. In other words we can say that PAC Manager is alternate tool of Window’s Secure CRT & Putty in Linux.

Some of its Key Features are listed below :


In this article we will install latest version of PAC Manager on Linux Mint, Ubuntu & OpenSUSE.

Installation Steps of PAC Manager on Linux Mint & Ubuntu

As Linux Mint & Ubuntu both are the Debian based operating system. So we will first download PAC manager debian Package and then install it using dpkg command. Below steps are applicable for both Linux Mint & Ubuntu.

linuxtechi@linuxmint ~ $ wget
linuxtechi@linuxmint ~ $ sudo dpkg -i pac-

In case if you are getting dependencies problem as shown below while executing above command .


Use below apt-get command to resolve dependency issues.

linuxtechi@linuxmint ~ $ sudo apt-get install -f

Once the installation is finished, try to access PAC


Click On PAC


Installation Steps of PAC Manager on OpenSUSE 13.1 / 13.2

Download PAC RPM package depending your System’s Architecture.

linuxtechi@opensuse:~> wget
Add the Perl repository that will provide dependency packages.
linuxtechi@opensuse:~> cd /etc/zypp/repos.d/
linuxtechi@opensuse:/etc/zypp/repos.d> sudo vi perl.repo
name=perl modules (openSUSE_13.1)

Note : Above repository is for OpenSUSE 13.1 and for OpenSUSE 13.2 just replace 13.1 with 13.2 and rest of things will be same .

Refresh the Repository using below Command :
linuxtechi@opensuse:~> sudo zypper ref
Now install the Download PAC rpm package using zypper
linuxtechi@opensuse:~> sudo zypper install pac-
Access PAC :


Click on PAC


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