Install OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 Step by Step

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  1. Abdelmalek says:

    I installed opensuse leap 42.1, but i can’t access to the gnome Desktop.
    best regards

  2. Edward Feustel says:

    I have an ATI Radeon. I cannot login using the KDE desktop. I get a Login Failure loop. Did Abdelmalek have a Login Failure with Gnome? There is a temporary fix for Nvidia drivers and Gnome mentioned on YouTube. I am hoping to find something like that for ATI.

  3. Mortimer says:


    A little disapointed. On Leap, Kde can’t handle 3 screens on 2 different Nvidia GPUs… (Was possible on 13.2)

    So Rollback…

  4. Magesh M says:

    I didn’t see anywhere openSUSE Leap 42.1 installation, I also thought to try but due to ISO image size i didn’t try so for fresh installation.

  5. Leslie Satenstein says:

    Just before Step 5, I selected [x] Add-on Repositories.
    Thereafter a window opened and presented some multiple choices.
    There was no information to advise me as to the correct choice.
    I took a guess.

  6. wiliamvw says:

    Have also a strange [never before in decade] install problem with 42.1; after download, burn and verify, and start of install [got screen where select ‘installation’] and see that it has finished loading the Linux kernel, it goes to black & white scrolling script and then ends [cursor blinking at bottom of screen]; no further screen or install progress.
    First time it ended at line : ‘[0.253117] PCI:using config type 1 for bass access’
    After that first time it stalled 3 times in row at: ‘[0.44494] Timer: vector = 0x38 apic=0 pin1=2 apic2=-1 pin2=-1’
    Should mention that initial laptop b&w [not LEAP OS] screen has: 1. Legacy (isolinux) Select CD-ROM Boot type: (put in the 1 and Enter and starts install process).

  7. Jneterda says:

    I upgraded from SUSE 13.2 from DVD and my system did several steps and then it did not recognize the network and it wanted me to set up it ( in SUSE 13.2 both wired and wifi network worked perfectly). I did it but the connection to the network failed. Situation that I have never met during the previous upgrades!!

  8. Roger says:

    Which burn tool you used? I have already exhausted 3 DVDs and nothing works to boot

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