Fedora 23 Workstation Installation Steps with Screenshots

Good News for Fedora Users that “Fedora 23” has been released recently. Fedora 23 released in three different editions :

  • Fedora Workstation – Used at Desktop Level
  • Fedora Server – Used for Server Installation and Management
  • Fedora Cloud – Fedora Cloud images can be used in OpenStack & EC2 and can be directly launched.

In this article we will discuss Fedora 23 Workstation Installation steps with Screenshots. Below are few new features that are introduced in this release.

  • New Kernel 4.2
  • Gnome 3.18
  • Improved Wayland – It is a GUI Server that will replace X org in Fedora 24.
  • New Calender & To Do application
  • LibreOffice 5
  • Firmware Updates – Firmware update service is included in Software application , which will notify us when there is new firmware update is available for your hardware.

Step:1 Download the Fedora 23 Workstation ISO file.

Download ISO file as per your system architecture( 32-bit & 64-bit) from Fedora Official site “https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/download/”


Burn the downloaded ISO file into DVD or in USB flash drive and boot your system with bootable DVD or USB.

Step:2 Fedora 23 Installation Screen.


Select “Start Fedora Live” and press Enter.

Step:3 Select “Install to Hard Drive” option


Step:4 Select the Language that will be used during installation


Click on Continue…

Step:5 When we click on Continue then the following screen appear.


Define the Keyboard Layout , Date & time zone , Network & hostname and Partition scheme by selecting the respective options. In my case i will be using customize partition scheme.

As i have around 40 GB Hard disk and going to create following partitions on it.

  • /boot – 500 MB ( ext4 File System)
  • /var – 12 GB ( ext4 File System)
  • /home – 15 GB ( ext4 File System)
  • / – 10 GB ( ext4 File System)
  • swap – Double of Your RAM

Click on “Installation Destination” then below screen will appear , select “i will configure Partitioning” and then Click on “Done


Click on ‘+’ option & Create /boot partition.



Click on Add mount point.

Create /var partition


Click on Add mount point.

Similarly Create other two partitions as well with their respective size.( /home & / ).

Create Swap Partition.


Click on Add mount point

Now Click on Done when your done with Partitioning.


Select “Accept Changes


Click on “Begin Installation


Step:6 Define Root password and Create a New User


Select Root Password Option and set the root password.


Click on Done.

Select User Creation, Create a new user and set its password.


Click on Done.

As you we can see now installation is in Progress.


Step:7 Reboot the Machine Once the installation is Completed.


Step:8 Login Screen After Installation

Use the user name (linuxtechi) and its credentials that we have set during the installation.


Step:9 Select the Language for your Desktop ( Gnome)


click on Next.

Step:10 Select the Keyboard Layout for your Gnome Desktop


Click on Next


click on Next

Step: 11 Connect Your Online Accounts or skip this step.


Click on Start Using Fedora


Step:12 Gnome Desktop Screen After login.


Fedora 23 Workstation installation is completed now.

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