How to Install and Configure Bind 9 (DNS Server) on Ubuntu / Debian System

Pradeep Kumar

I am a huge fan of open source and love to share How To's tutorials on Linux, Cloud and DevOps. I have been working as Linux Consultant, Cloud & DevOps Engineer since 2010

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  1. FH says:

    Nice walktrough of a complex issue.

    You might reconsider using .local as your intranet name.

    Best practice is to use a FQDN and prefix it with eg. lan being lan.domain.tld. The need for it will show when you have to build a Microsoft AD.

    In the long run avoiding using .local will result in a more structured network and it will become more obvious if you operate mixed network using both Microsoft Windows, macOS and LInux.

    Also .local is a zeroconf domain used exclusively in zeroconf networking.

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