Everything you wanted to know about Zorin OS 12

Pradeep Kumar

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  1. Bob Nitrio says:

    I replaced Zorin 9 with Zorin 12 Core on An HP Mini. I cannot open the menu when I click on the Zorin icon in the tray per your last screenshot. Any ideas? Nuke and re-install. I checked the hash of the 32-bit download prior to installation and it was correct.

  2. Bob Nitrio says:

    I decided to nuke and re-install without any automatic updates, per a suggestion I found while looking for answers to this issue. The results were the same.

    • Hi Bob,

      It seems like graphics driver issue, try updating the same. In my case i have installed Zorin 12 Core on Virtual box and it is working fine.

      • Bob Nitrio says:

        The computer has an Intel GMA 3600 graphics adapter on board. With no browser and no file management tool access, how would I install a new driver, assuming I could find one?

        By the way, Zorin 9 had no issues like this.

  3. Barb Mason says:

    I downloaded Zorin 12 Core as a test, and if I found it to be what I wanted, I was going to purchase Zorin 12 Ultimate. But ran into problems as it did not format the occupied disk so would not install. So I took the HDD out and formatted it on another PC. Re-connected to the original PC and all went okay. Then I wanted to install the ASUS System Disk, and Zorin stated that it had crashed. Don’t want to put MS down again and wanted something out of the ordinary, but the way this is going, it looks like I will have no other alternative.
    I am not on the Net and won’t be able to get on without the System Disk installing the appropriate software and drivers, and the PC in question is brand new except for the HDD’s.

  4. Amit Rajput says:

    Hi There, I am new Zorin user recently i installed Zorin 12 Core, everything seems good and working but there is only single issue i.e. i am using tp-link wifi adapter n even after installing right drivers i see wireless driver installed and hardware present but it does not show wifi icon anywhere i tried manual settings too but while doing settings i dont see any wifi device. I tried windows XP32bit, XP64Bit, Win7 32 & 64 Bit and windows 8 Drivers all drivers are working but problem remains the same.
    Does anyone having any solution for my problem please reply…

  5. Ken says:

    I have Zorin 12 Ultimate. How do you install Utorrent?

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