Everything you wanted to know about Zorin OS 12

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  1. Bob Nitrio says:

    I replaced Zorin 9 with Zorin 12 Core on An HP Mini. I cannot open the menu when I click on the Zorin icon in the tray per your last screenshot. Any ideas? Nuke and re-install. I checked the hash of the 32-bit download prior to installation and it was correct.

  2. Bob Nitrio says:

    I decided to nuke and re-install without any automatic updates, per a suggestion I found while looking for answers to this issue. The results were the same.

    • Hi Bob,

      It seems like graphics driver issue, try updating the same. In my case i have installed Zorin 12 Core on Virtual box and it is working fine.

      • Bob Nitrio says:

        The computer has an Intel GMA 3600 graphics adapter on board. With no browser and no file management tool access, how would I install a new driver, assuming I could find one?

        By the way, Zorin 9 had no issues like this.

  3. Barb Mason says:

    I downloaded Zorin 12 Core as a test, and if I found it to be what I wanted, I was going to purchase Zorin 12 Ultimate. But ran into problems as it did not format the occupied disk so would not install. So I took the HDD out and formatted it on another PC. Re-connected to the original PC and all went okay. Then I wanted to install the ASUS System Disk, and Zorin stated that it had crashed. Don’t want to put MS down again and wanted something out of the ordinary, but the way this is going, it looks like I will have no other alternative.
    I am not on the Net and won’t be able to get on without the System Disk installing the appropriate software and drivers, and the PC in question is brand new except for the HDD’s.

  4. Amit Rajput says:

    Hi There, I am new Zorin user recently i installed Zorin 12 Core, everything seems good and working but there is only single issue i.e. i am using tp-link wifi adapter n even after installing right drivers i see wireless driver installed and hardware present but it does not show wifi icon anywhere i tried manual settings too but while doing settings i dont see any wifi device. I tried windows XP32bit, XP64Bit, Win7 32 & 64 Bit and windows 8 Drivers all drivers are working but problem remains the same.
    Does anyone having any solution for my problem please reply…

  5. Ken says:

    I have Zorin 12 Ultimate. How do you install Utorrent?

  6. Norm M. says:

    I realize an article like this is written to encourage users to try out Zorin OS. But having tried and used various versions of Zorin OS, I’m totally stumped why the major change in desktop direction. I currently using Zorin OS 11, and installed 12 on a cousn’s laptop. After some issues, I just had him switch to Linux Mint. He’s had zero problems since then.

    I’m not that impressed with the Win10 look of Zorin OS 12, and if I wanted Gnome, I’d just install Ubuntu. I don’t see any real advantages in this new version of Zorin. They can’t seem to decide whether they want to present a Windows environment or a Linux one. The default apps are nothing to write home about either. For the most part, if I was to go with Zorin 12, I’d probably change more than half the apps included with the distro.

    As a long-time Linux user, I’m a bit dismayed at the way distros have shifted gears, without any real rhyme or reason. Change for the sake of change? Who knows? I was a big fan of Bodhi Linux, for example, and that distro took a whole different approach (almost written from the ground up) and I think it kinda sucks now. I’m not against change as long as it shows a clear advantage, but Bodhi’s author was apparently frustrated with Enlightenments development team and its slow progress.

    The thing is that users get used to certain things and then when the rug is pulled out from us, we are left rebuilding from scratch again. In the case of Zorin, they’ve flipped from a predomantly bright white default desktop to this very dark look. The menus are totally different and in my opinion, bland. I also know that everyone is jumping on the stark, plain bandwagon but to me, version 12 is a serious change from version 11, which is why I’m sticking with 11 until I decide to backup everything on my laptop and install something completely different. (Linux MATE 17.10 and even Linux Mint are looking like front-runners for me. I’ve even entertained Ubuntu but I’m waiting to see what happens when they finally release version 18.04.)

    No one ever wants to be the first user of any major update unless you want to slag through issues. In any case, I wish the boys at Zorin OS reconsider their desktop environment. There is another distro that seems to be up-and-coming called ExternOS. I think they are on the right path although it may take at least another year or more before they get out of the beta phase and it becomes useable. But their approach is much bolder and blends the best of Mac and Windows, even to the point of offering a Cortana-like experience.

    The changes within the Linux desktop world are coming at break-neck speed. Zorin had my heart and soul for quite some time but version 12 really put a damper on that for me.

  7. Hans says:

    I have had it with Dows 7 after being locked of the login
    screen regardless how many times I imputed m password.

    I decided to try Zorin 12 over Mint 8.3. Anything has to be
    better than MicroGates.

    I am now a Linuxman!! Or as Nixon once said, we are all
    Linux now.

  8. GDW says:

    Help please – major issues!!
    I just installed Zorin 12.4 on my HP Notebook. I replaced everything – so didn’t keep my old OS (Windows). Everything seemed fine until the installation was finalised and I had to restart the machine.
    I hit restart and then the same screen popped up showing the 3 options (try zorin OS without installing / install zorin in OS / Check disc for defects) – same as when I booted from USB at the beginning of the installation process.
    I seemed to be stuck in this endless loop, then decided to pull out the USB and restart. When I do that, I get a message “Selected Boot Image did not Authenticate.” The only thing I can do there is hit enter and that shuts down the machine.
    Next I went into BIOS from startup and selected “OS Boot Manager – Ubuntu (IM2S3138E-128GM-B)” – and I got the exactly same message.
    I’m not a techie so quite lost now.
    Hoping someone can help pls…

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