Configure PXE (Network Boot) installation Server on CentOS 7.x

Pradeep Kumar

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  1. Eriston G Celino says:

    Great article! Do you make could a tutorial about LTSP on the CentOS 7? Please, I can’t find anything that’s works. Will be a big help for me!


  2. Ddods says:

    Thank you for this! I have a quick question,
    I have that working but I recently did a kernel update via yum and it seems like ‘uname -r’ still shows the old version. I believe I have to update the vmlinuz and initrd files on the tftp server, is that correct? How do I do that?

  3. Hello , One has to reboot the system when the new kernel is installed. In case after reboot if ‘uname -r’ still shows old kernel version then recheck the grub config file and make the changes so that system boots with new kernel.

    It is not recommended to update the kernel one should always install new kernel .

  4. belgeadmin says:

    its great article thank you

  5. romeo says:

    I have followd your kickstart/pxe installation step by step but i have an error message:

    fail to fetch kickstart from

    I need help please

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