How to Install iRedMail (Mail Server) on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

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  1. Bruno Martins says:

    Only thing missing is:
    yum install bzip2 -y


  2. taoufik says:

    thank you for your efforts but i have a problem when i wont to get to / i do not get the page of login that you’ve shown us.
    and thank you again

    • Try accessing it with your Server’s IP address. In case you want to access it with hostname or DNS name , then you have to update your system hosts file with entries something like below

      IP_Address_of_Server DNS_Or_Hostname

  3. Krishnaprasad says:


    Currently I have set the iredmail on local centos 7 server and its working fine. Now I have domain purchased. Now How can I configure the mail server for that domain. I have one static IP as well. But currently used that IP to different server.

    Also let me know if any IP forwarding required for that as currently that is running on local centos 7 server. Please help me to configure.

  4. Hi,

    Add a Domain in your iredmail server from admin panel and assign the public IP address to your server and add a firewall rule in such a way that if any request comes on 25 port on your public IP it should redirect the request to server’s local ip.

    From your Domain Panel, configure DNS records like A, PTR and MX.

  5. dilbir saggu says:

    after follow the process i got this one
    This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.
    Try running Network Diagnostics.

    please help me

  6. It seems like DNS records for your sever’s hostname ‘’ is configured properly. In your DNS server do A record entry of your mentioned hostname. In Case DNS server is not configured then do below entry in your system host file.


  7. Ricardo Tapia says:

    I currently install the iredmail on the local centos 7 server and it works fine. Now I have acquired domain. How can I configure the mail server for that domain. I have a static IP and it also publishes.

    I would also like to know how I could run it on the local centos 7 server. Please help me set it up.

  8. Manoj says:

    Hi This was really useful . Thank you and I am planning to change my exchange server and use this as my mail server. Domain is active and I have the public IP configured . A firewall rule to point my exchange server is already there . So if I just create a same domain name and set the IP of my exchange server to this server, will everything work ..??

  9. Sandeep says:

    I install the iRedmail but cant access server/browser

  10. Hi Sandeep,

    – is your iredmail installation successful…?
    – Update your server’s hostname either in DNS or /etc/hosts file.
    – Also make sure https (443) port is allowed in OS firewall

  11. Gary Braniff says:


    I have installed iRedMail and I can send email without any problems but I can’t receive email. Would you happen to know of any reason this could happen?

    Thanks in advance,
    Gary B

  12. Manoj Kanjookaran says:

    Hi I installed the server following this tutorial. It worked perfect for last 6 months . But 2 days ago the end user told he gets thousands of Mail Delivery Failure messages being sent to his mail box. I suspect my server is sending lots of spam emails out and I get the logs saying my IP is black listed. I am planning to reinstall everything but how do I secure from the spam attacks again..? What about SpamAssassin ?? Will this prevent this..?? Configuring the linux firewall will help..?? Please please advise.

    • Pradeep Kumar says:

      Hi Manoj,

      It looks like one of the system from LAN is sending thousand of emails or spam emails to your mail server. This usually happens because of virus, check the email headers , there you will find the IP address of the affected system, disconnect it from the LAN and delete all emails from the queue. Try to whitelist your mail server public IP by sending whitelist request via portals.

      Enable & Configure SpamAssassin on your mail server and configure Linux firewall only if there is no hardware firewall in your env and allow only specific ports.

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