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How To Install FileZilla in Ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04

FileZilla is a free and opensource ftp client for both windows & linux operating systems. It is a powerful client for plain FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Some of the common features are listed below :

 * Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
* IPv6 support
* Available in more than 40 languages
* Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB
* Easy to use Site Manager and transfer queue
* Bookmarks
* Drag & drop support
* Speed limits
* Filename filters
* Directory comparison
* Network configuration wizard
* Remote file editing
* Keep-alive
* HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP Proxy support
* Logging to file
* Synchronized directory browsing
* Remote file search
* Tabbed interface to connect to multiple servers

In this article, we will cover how to install FilZilla in Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS  and will also learn how to use filezilla.

Installation of FileZilla

Filezilla client can be installed either via command line or GUI. In this article, we will cover both the installations.  So, let’s jump into the installation steps,

Installation via command Line

I am assuming your system have stable internet connection because apt command would be downloading FileZilla package from repositories. Open the terminal and run following commands,

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install -y filezilla

Above commands should install filezilla on your ubuntu system. So let’s move to it’s GUI installation steps.

Installation via GUI

In case you already have installed Synaptic Package Manager , then open open its GUI and search filezilla as shown below


Select filezilla and Click on ‘Mark for Installation’ , then Click on Apply button

FileZilla Installation via Ubuntu Software Tool  

Another way to Install Filezilla is via Ubuntu Software tool. Access Ubuntu Software tool and search filezilla and then install it. Example is shown below.



Access and Use FileZilla

To Access FileZilla, search filezilla from dash and then click on FileZilla icon as shown below:


In the Host box enter your ftp IP address , then enter ftp user in the username box and password of ftp user in the password box and then click on ‘Quickconnet‘ option


Once it is connected to FTP server, In Filezilla you will have two sites , On Local site it shows local files & folders of your system and On the Remote Site it will show ftp server’s files and folders. To copy or moves files just drag and drop.

That’s all from article, I hope you have found it useful and informative. Please do share your feedback and queries in the below comments section.

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