How to Install Kubernetes on Rocky Linux 9 | AlmaLinux 9

In this blog post, we will explain how to install Kubernetes cluster on Rocky Linux 9 or AlmaLinux 9 with Kubeadm utility. Kubernetes, often referred to as K8s, is an open-source container orchestration platform. With its robust capabilities for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized … Read more


How to Install Proxmox VE on Bare Metal Step-by-Step

The step-by-step guide on this page will show you how to Install Proxmox VE on bare metal. Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE) is a powerful, open-source platform for managing virtual machines (VMs) and containers. It combines two virtualization technologies, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) for virtual machines … Read more


How to Assign Static IP Address on Debian 12

In this blog post, we will show you how to assign static ip address on Debian 12. In the world of Linux, Debian remains one of the most popular distributions, known for its stability and versatility. One essential aspect of managing a Linux system is … Read more


How to Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Ubuntu 22.04

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How to Install Kali Linux on Windows 11 using WSL

In this post, we will show you how to install Kali Linux on Windows 11 using WSL.  A while back, running a virtual machine was the only way of running another operating system, such as Linux, inside Windows. The drawback of virtual machines is that … Read more

Install Ansible Ubuntu

How to Install Ansible on Ubuntu 22.04 Step-by-Step

Automation is the heart of modern IT infrastructure management, and Ansible is a powerful automation tool that simplifies the automation of complex tasks. Whether you’re managing a single server or a large-scale data center, Ansible can save you time and effort. Ansible works on agent-less … Read more


How to Setup OpenLDAP Server on Ubuntu 22.04

OpenLDAP is a free and open-source implementation of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). It’s a highly customizable LDAP option that comes complete with a software suite for LDAP servers which includes slapd (standalone LDAP daemon), slurpd (standalone LDAP update replication daemon), and other tools, libraries, … Read more


How to Install Minikube on RHEL 9 Step-by-Step

Minikube is a tool that allows developers and system admins to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster on their local machines. It is an excellent way to experiment, learn, and test Kubernetes applications without the need for a full-scale cluster. In this post, we will walk … Read more

Install Gitlab Ubuntu 22 04

How to Install GitLab on Ubuntu 22.04 Step-by-Step

In this blog post, we will explain how to install GitLab on Ubuntu 22.04 step-by-step. Gitlab comes with Enterprise edition (Gitlab EE) and Community edition (Gitlab CE). In this post , we will cover the community edition installation. GitLab, an open-source platform, provides a robust … Read more


How to Install Apache Kafka on Ubuntu 22.04

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install Apache Kafka on Ubuntu 22.04 step-by-step. In Big data, enormous streams of data records are generated by millions of data sources which include social media platforms, enterprise systems, mobile apps, and IoT devices to mention a … Read more