How to Create and Delete Virtual Machine(VM) from Command line in OpenStack

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  1. Alex Ted says:

    great article, ty!
    Can u say how to define Volume size when create vm?
    in my case i got error:
    Block Device Mapping is Invalid: You specified more local devices than the limit allows (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-503a768e-e92e-434b-86f4-1a88ebd2abea)

    • Pradeep Kumar says:

      Hi Alex,

      There are two ways to create a VM, either on Compute Internal Disk(ephemeral disk) and Cinder Block Storage Volume. When we go with first option then disk size is picked from flavor that we specify during VM provisioning.

      When we provision a vm using Block storage Volume ( i.e Cinder Volume) then we specify disk size while creating Bootable volume, refer below command to create bootable volume using glance image,

      # cinder create –image-id {enter-image-id} –display-name bootable-volume 15

      In the above command, 15 GB is size of volume.

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