Linux/UNIX Awk Command Tutorial with Examples

In this tutorial, we will explain Linux/UNIX AWK Command with examples. AWK is a versatile and lightweight text-processing language that comes pre-installed on most Unix-like operating systems, including Linux. It excels at manipulating structured text data, making it an invaluable tool for tasks such as … Read more


How to Download YouTube Videos From Linux Command Line

In this blog post, we will show you how to download youtube videos from linux command line using yt-dlp. yt-dlp is an advanced fork of the well-known youtube-dl project, designed to offer additional features and improvements. This command line tool allows users to effortlessly download … Read more

LVM : A good way to utilize disks space

Scenario : Let say , You have 5 disks each with 20 GB , now you have requirements to create FS(file system) of size 25 GB and 35GB and let rest of the space unassigned for any future needs . Technically, this is not possible … Read more

Fixing LVM I/O Errors

Situation : Most of us faced errors mentioned below during our system admin activities   , this is mainly related to the removable storage media that we use on unix servers’ Reason of this could be because removing the disk/LUN’s without clean shutdown/unmount or de-attaching disks from … Read more