Top 12 Image Editor Tools for Linux Desktop

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  1. fasilafer says:

    i am working double boot windows ubuntu 16.04 but i research more practical information for install photoshop
    with wine because for me no mind to install photoshop cs5 or 6 .
    thanks for help

  2. Eloies Jordan says:

    Really great collection.But, GIMP is my most favourite. I have used it almost 3 years.It has a huge collection of plugins and effects like Photoshop.

  3. Aashirvad Kumar says:

    Really good collection of application for Linux. And after reading I personally love to use GIMP and this is on of my favourite editor application.

  4. les says:

    are any of these compatible with Peppermint?

  5. Chandra Sekhar Puram says:

    gimp is perfect

  6. Adam Muiz says:

    I want to try Pixeluvo, it is look simple.
    I need only to resize picture

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