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linux-rm-command 2

10 ‘rm’ command examples for beginners

rm stands for ‘remove‘ as the name suggests rm command is used to delete or remove files and directory in UNIX like operating system. If you are new to Linux then you should be...

notepadqq-editor 11

notepadqq – Notepad++ for Ubuntu Linux

As we know Notepad++ is the most commonly used text editor or source code editor in Microsoft windows operating system. In Ubuntu Linux ‘notepadqq’ is the alternate of notepad++. In other words we can...

Insert-text-draw-circle-shutter-screenshot-image 0

Install Shutter Screenshot Tool in Ubuntu Linux

Shutter is a screenshot tool in Ubuntu Linux. Using Shutter we can take a screenshot of a specific area, window and whole screen. It also allows us to draw and highlights important area on...


How to enable Kdump on RHEL 7 and CentOS 7

Kdump is a kernel feature which is used to capture crash dumps when the system or kernel crash. For enabling kdump we have to reserve some portion of physical RAM which will be used...

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