18 Quick lsof Command Examples for Linux Geeks

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12 Useful ‘dmidecode’ Command Examples for Linux Admin

Dmidecode is a tool or command which is used to retrieve the useful information of your system’s hardware components in human readable format. Dmidecode is available for all the Linux like systems (RHEL, CentOS, Debian and SUSE). Dmidecode stands for DMI (Desktop Management Interface) table … Read more


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10 tips about ‘dmesg’ command for Linux Geeks

dmesg command is used to display the kernel related messages on Unix like systems. dmesg stands for “display message or display driver“. dmesg command retrieve its data by reading the kernel ring buffer. While doing troubleshooting on Linux systems, dmesg command becomes very handy, it … Read more


9 Useful touch Command Examples in Linux

In this post, we will learn touch command in Linux with 9 useful practical examples. Touch command is used to create empty files and also changes the timestamps of existing files on Linux systems. Changing timestamps here means updating the access and modification time of … Read more


10 Quick Tips About sudo command for Linux systems

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