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Install-configure-Jenkins-Ubuntu-20-04 1

How to Install and Configure Jenkins on Ubuntu 20.04

Automation of tasks can be quite tricky especially where multiple developers are submitting code to a shared repository. Poorly executed automation processes can often lead to inconsistencies and delays. And this is where Jenkins...

Harden-Secure-Nginx-WebServer-Linux 1

How to Harden and Secure NGINX Web Server in Linux

Nginx is arguably one of the most widely used free and opensource web server used in hosting high-traffic websites. It is well known for its stability, stellar-performance, low resource consumption, and lean configuration. Some...

Ansible-Jinja2-Templates 1

How to Use Jinja2 Template in Ansible Playbook

Jinja2 is a powerful and easy to use python-based templating engine that comes in handy in an IT environment with multiple servers where configurations vary every other time. Creating static configuration files for each...

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