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lsmod-command-output 1

How to Load and Unload Kernel Modules in Linux

When we install Linux Like operating system at that time Linux kernel install most of device driver’s modules and after the installation it also allows us to install new device drivers as modules using...

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How to Create Virtual Machines in oVirt 4.0 Environment

To Create Virtual Machines from oVirt Engine Web Administrator portal first we have to make sure following things are set. Data Center Clusters Hosts ( oVirt Node or hypervisor)  Network ( default ovirtmgmt is...

Cobbler-CentOS7 2

How to Install and Configure Cobbler on CentOS 7.x

Cobbler is a free and open source Linux provisioning server, it is used for unattended or automatic os installation on multiple systems simultaneously  over the network. Cobbler server makes use of services like DHCP,...

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