Author: Pradeep Kumar

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How to use Grep Command in Linux with Examples

Linux like operating system provides a searching tool known as grep (global regular expression print). grep command is used to search text from one or more files based on the pattern. A pattern may...

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Create and Extend XFS filesystem based on LVM

XFS is a File system which is designed for high performance ,scalability and Capacity point of view. It is generally used where large amount data to be stored / used on the File system....

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Installation Steps of Joomla 3.4.1 On Ubuntu 14.10

Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) , which allow the users to create or build their own website and applications. Joomla is very popular because of its ease-of-use and extensibility. Joomla...

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Test Internet Speed from the Terminal on Ubuntu Linux

We generally use flash based websites (like & to test our Internet speed but as Linux admin we love to test Internet speed from the command line or terminal. speedtest.cli is command...

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Debugging Shell Scripts in Linux

In most of the programming languages debugger tool is available for debugging. A debugger is a tool that can run a program or script that enables you to examine the internals of the script...

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