Install VLC Multimedia player on Ubuntu 14.10

VLC (VideoLan) is a portable & an open source multimedia player available for like Linux like operating system, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and android. VLC plays our favorite audio and video files, it can play various audio & video formats such as mpeg, divx, mov, mp3, mp4, dvd, vcd, wmv and quicktime.

In this post we are going to install VLC on ubuntu 14.10.VLC debian packages are available in the default Ubuntu repository

Installation of VLC from the Command Line :

Open the terminal & type below apt-get commands

linuxtechi@localhost:~$ sudo apt-get install vlc

Installation of VLC using Synaptic Package Manager :

Start the Synaptic Package and type vlc in the search box as shown below:


Select vlc and click on “Mark for Installation” and then click on Apply.

Start VLC Player and play your audio & video files.

(Dash Home –> Search –> vlc)



We can also play audio & video files from command Line using VLC. Example is shown below:

linuxtechi@localhost:~$ vlc latest-songs.mp3
linuxtechi@localhost:~$ vlc tv-serial.mp4
linuxtechi@localhost:~$ vlc SEAL.Patrol.2014.HDRip\ XViD\ juggs.avi
linuxtechi@localhost:~$ vlc

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