Install MPlayer (Multimedia software) in Ubuntu Linux

Mplayer(Movie Player) is a multimedia software in Unix-like system. With Mplayer we can easily play our audio and video files. It supports a wide variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types. Special input URL types are available to read input from a variety of sources other than disk files.

Some of the features of MPlayer are listed below :

  • Multithreaded H264, MPEG-2 Decoder (ffmpeg-mt)
  • DirectShow Demuxer and Decoder
  • Fully compatible with CoreAVC Decoder
  • PMP Demuxer for PSP media files
  • Better compatibility with TS, TP, HDTV
  • Skin and Windows Native Theme
  • Can use Winamp’s DSP plugins
  • Native Playlist and Video Equalizer Window
  • MEditor2 (MPlayer Preference) Graphic Setting Program
  • Direct3D and OpenGL Video Output
  • Auto Play Next file

In this tutorial we will install MPlayer in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS :

 Installation from the Command Line :

Open the terminal type the below apt-get command

linuxtechi@mail:~$ sudo apt-get install mplayer mplayer-gui mplayer-skins

 Installation from the GUI :

Open the Synaptic Package Manager and search for mplayer & mplayer-gui as shown below :


Click on Apply

Now access the Mplayer



Play audio & video files from command Line :

Use below commands to play audio and video files from the terminal

linuxtechi@mail:~$ mplayer my-file.mp3

linuxtechi@mail:~$ mplayer tv-serial.mp4

linuxtechi@mail:~$ mplayer movie.avi

linuxtechi@mail:~$ mplayer

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  1. Dire says:

    Hello,I installed the mplayer but when i tried to use occured one error:

    dire@DiRe-PC-Linux:~/Desktop$ mplayer
    parse error at line 4

    other example of error:

    dire@DiRe-PC-Linux:~/Desktop$ mplayer teste.mp3
    parse error at line 4

    Can help me??
    Regards, DiRe

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